Interior and lights land rover series 1 88 inch 1958

Few more picture… the picture inside engine room is here :¬†

The correct two (four?) spoke steering wheel with (incorrect) horn button and side lamp switch…

land rover series 1 dashboard

Non functioning multiple gauges… if you want to find water temperature gauge.. that thing does not exist in land rover series 1

land rover series 1 interior

Looks very empty… no fancy dashboard, lamps, button or wiring

rear lamp / lights

I am not pretty sure if the lights is the correct one or not… if you know please write down below..


Not sure if the shape is correct.. but whi cares.. :)

Three pedals

Three pedals and dip switch

Argh... previous owner cut a square holes... not sure what is it for...

Argh… previous owner cut a square holes… not sure what is it for…

Hope it helps and hope that you can help me finding items to replace the ¬†incorrect one… thanks broer..