Replacing Wheel Brake Master cylinder

When you know something is not right and it only for temporary solution, we all want to make it right and solve it… The braking system for Dolly has been OK after using Toyota seals as you can read it here : but in the back of my mind… I always think what if it suddenly fail…

So finally I bought new set of Girling Wheel master cylinder… I got the genuine part cost around US$ 35 each… expensive I know but it is actually hard to get, when some one offer me the original part, I quickly take that offer. Here is the new Girling Brake wheel master cylinder….. Funny thing is, although it says Girling in the item… the packaging is Unipart… I guess Unipart is making the item for Girling or Vice versa… or someone messed up with the packaging..


It says Girling… not sure about the number means


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Because this is an NOS (new but OLD STOCK), I have to dismantle it first, make sure that nothing seized and rusted inside… after everything satisfactory. Installing is quite straight forward so no need to post picture here, you need to take off the tire and drum… and then bleed the system, you are good to go…

The brake is now good, worries are gone…  That’s it for now… Happy landying.. :)