Few updates on the Land rover series 1

Few updates on land rover series 1, first I change the exhaust seals, and now sounds smoother.. here is the sound before new seals:

and this is with new exhaust seals

few other updates:

New side lamp, using the correct lucas L488


and new electronic distributor, before it using 45D type, which causing a blow  back (may be due to the wrong advance curve) when sudden revving… no more blow back using this  distributor..

Electronic distributor

Land rover series 1 88 inch engine bay…

Land rover series 1 can be categorized as classic car. This Landy in particular is already 50 + years old, most of them will already give up the ghost… few survived and we give credit to old car that retain the original parts…

Here is the picture of landy and inside the engine bay… only few is not original, thanks to the previous owner who tried to use original part whenever possible

Land rover series 1 88 inch
I think the body  and axle are original, The painting is OK, but could be better, Lamps, grill are original…  now lets look at the engine bay…
This is the pict inside engine bay… pretty much original : The engine is petrol 2.0 liter spread bore, the carburetor is Solex 32 PBI, and radiator is original… not sure about the distributor, but fuel pump definitely non standard… The cables are tidy…
Distributor land rover series 1
A pict from left hand side… anyone can tell what the distributor type and whether it is original fitment.. please write down below..
Distributor land rover series 1
Close up Land rover series 1 distributor.. not sure if this is original… anyone know what type is the distributor..? seems to me is Lucas 45D but not sure
Solex 32 PBI Land rover series 1 88 inch
From the right hand side with air filter off, solex carburettor
Engine 2.0L petrol series 1
Seems the previous owner has done some rebuild.. I can see few relatively few fresh read sealer… in the head cover, and in oil sump cover… presumably changing the bearings and piston ring
Water heated manifold
Water heated manifold
Exhaust manifold land rover series 1
Exhaust manifold exit… just cut the wing and rivet it… thats original cut.. :D
grill land rover series 1
Somehow the front series 1 looks like a skull in pirate logo with bulging eyes… :). additional accessories for the lamp is nice and probably rare… :

Thats all for now, generally I am happy with the originality of the engine… will let you know if it start OK… :)  let me know if you have any questions… Cheers

Electronic Ignition – A Little Incident

Electronic Ignition can be considered as upgrade from point contact ignition, but which one…? a lot of option out there, but for me I choose the cheap(ish) option ( but not the crap by all means)… Powerspark from SimonBBC… the consideration is: the technology is already mature, the improvement will not be much different with the point breaker anyway, and I might go for Megajolt route later so I do not want to spend big money here. I ordered this item, a Chinese copy of Lucas distributor 45D4… well Lucas is well known as prince of darkness anyway, what can be worst from that…

45DsimonCut the story short, I have received the item in a good condition and installed it about two  months a go… I feel bit of improvement compare to the old distributor (not sure if this is only psychological or actual), it works.. so no more maintenance… or so I thought…

One month later, when I happily driving around the town… I heard a noise from the engine bay and the engine stopped… just like that… ooh, Dolly is playing another “guess what when wrong this time” kind of quiz again…!

I opened the bonnet and checked few things, I saw the distributor cup is no longer properly clamped or loose, and the rotor arm is not in the place it should be… ah.. this is the problem… “Common Dolly, you insulting my intelligent… this is too easy….” I said to Dolly (if you see a landy owner talking to his /  her car, consider it as normal… we do that all the time :)). Easy fix, just put it back I will be going in no time… me think… but it seems I under estimate dolly in giving a hard quiz…  the engine is not starting… it crank OK but not starting…

Another look at the distributor, it is clamped alright now, slightly loose but clamped by both clip, tried again cranking again the engine.. same result…so  this is the time more thorough investigation is needed.  I checked the inside of the distributor…

The Cup… although cosmetically no problem I found something strange… here is the pict:

Yap the spring is broken…

So no wonder the electric current can not be transferred from coil to spark plug, because no connection to the rotor arm …  it should have something like this…

original 45D4 cup distributor

But what about the rotor arm..? it too seems badly “injured”… here is the pict..


What the hell has happened… I am checking the internet and seems no one is having the same issue, so I accept it that this might be my fault during installation, somehow it is probably not properly clamped, the cup is loose, and *Bang* the rotor may be hitting the one of the aluminum post  inside the cup, the rotor stop moving but the mighty force of the engine pushing it further and the plastic broken, and so on and so on…

I finally replaced the rotor arm and the cup from the original dizzy which I always bring for the spare… I fired up the engine no problem,  and I can go  home safely… seems that the main unit is OK…

I talk to Simonbbc and ask whether this type of “accident” is covered by his warranty… He kindly agree to send the replacement… great service… no wonder he has 100% satisfied customer in ebay. Now the original distributor cup is still being used waiting replacement from Simon…

Cheers for now…

Electronic ignition for land rover series

Another little weekend project…  this time,  installing Electronic Ignition distributor to replace point breaker (we Indonesian call it “Platina” ) distributor which already 30 years old … I have few problem with current stock distributor is:  the vacuum is not working properly (blocked) and also the wires, contact point seems no longer in top shape, might as well replace with the electronic one. For those who want to read a longer explanation on ignition system, you can read it here : http://www.jetav8r.com/Vision/Ignition/CDI.html

You may ask why do we want electronic distributor..? Well, many reasons actually… some of them are the following:

  1. Less moving  part hence minimal wear and tear hence better performance especially in high mileage car where wear tear affect timing and loss performance
  2. In point distributor, sparking at the points burns the contacts and wastes energy, Electronic ignition systems allow most of the available energy to reach the spark plug and improve combustion
  3. Better starting and smoother running
  4. No need to check or adjust and clean contact breakers
  5. No capacitor to fail or go weak
  6. More water resistant

Having said that… the perfectly set up (if both new) electronic and breaker point distribution show no significant difference in terms of performance. The disadvantage however, unlike point distributor, if it is fail, you can not fix it, have to replace the unit. Just for peace of mind, you can bring the electronic  “gut” for spare that will solve the only disadvantage of electronic distributor.

here is the picture of typical point distributor:

point distributor
picture taken from : http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=readersrides&thread=72501&page=23

This is the electronic distributor

image taken from : http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=readersrides&thread=72501&page=23
image taken from : http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=readersrides&thread=72501&page=23

The following video showing the conversion from point distributor to electronic (5 minutes video).

Do I see or feel any improvement using this set up..? I will say yes.. :)