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Mountain Rinjani Trekking – Day 1

May 2012:  Me and few friends went to Rinjani mountain for few days trekking… It will take four days three nights to cover the total trekking route. very excited.. :). Here is where the mountain located…

Rinjani Mountain is located in Lombok island, Next to bali Island, Indonesia (click for bigger picture)

Preparation: Few times warming up trekking to Gunung Gede, and buying outdoor gears (trekking pole, shoes, jakcet etc). Rinjani is one of the highest mountain in Indonesia probably third highest with 3700 meter height (Jaya Widjaya is the highest and Kerinci is the second, it will be very cold up there… no snow though… The route is as follows: (see the 3D map for reference)

  • Day 1: From registration office to Camp 1 (2.639 m) stay over night,
  • Day 2: Camp 1 to summit (3.726 m) (start at 2.00 AM) Back to Camp 1 (2.639 m )and continue to Camp 2 (2.010m) (stay overnight at camp 2),
  • Day 3. Trekking from camp 2 to Camp 3 (2.641)  is at Caldera plawangan senaru stay Overnight
  • Day 4 : From Camp 3 to Senaru (500 m) end…

Our trekking operator is John adventure which is very recommended, let the picture speak for them self. Note: this picture will be only for Day 1. Camera : Fuji X100

Loading logistic for four days trekking, Rice, banana, 40 eggs, pineapple, lots of mineral water, tent, folding chair etc
The – not so fit – trekkers start the day.. :). According to my camera, it was May 15th 09.58 AM
The local produce… Shallot (small red onion)
Shallot field and mountain Rinjani
One tree hill…
Savanna and the standing tall above the cloud, Rinjani Mountain. Can you see a house in the mid left…
Big scar on this land… not sure what has happened thousand years ago…  After Savanna, the woods is a head of us
Post II… where we had rest and lunch, we stayed for about one hour… Do not ask where the post I is… no time for taking pictures, I was busy catching breath :)
Rest and chatting… A chair is very luxurious thing in here… 12.00 – 1.00 PM
Cheers mate, you’ve made it to post II… :)
Again no time taking picture, this slope is killing me… can you see a little blue dot down there… it is the post III… 4.30 PM
Still way up a head but I feel my lungs will explode anytime soon … :) 4.49 PM
This is the slope that I am talking about… around 45 degree and above the cloud, oxygen is probably thinner.  That slope is the old trekking route
Yeay.. I can see the mountain tops… but I have to reach the caldera first…
Reached the caldera and this spectacular view is greeting you… fiuh.. 5.58 PM

Normal average fit trekker will take about 8-9 hours to reach caldera… I took about 11 hours… the team leave me behind with one porter, because they have to set up the camp and cook for the dinner…

Now its time to have dinner and a good rest. Tomorrow, we have to start at 2.00 AM..! If only I can find the camp… :(  See you in Day 2 post