Dolly Parton Engine bay…

This is the engine room for dolly Parton… my Land rover series III 109, bit messy :)
Dolly Parton Engine bay...


Seal em up… – three enginneers joke

Have you heard a joke about land rover engineer… if not, here is the story…

========= There are three engineers from different companies in a bar… one from land rover Solihul, one from Mercedez Benz Germany and another one from Toyota Japan…. you know when three engineers meet up, they will try to out boast each other how their brand is better than the others… and it seems they have a deadlock, no one can convince each other. so they will put a very scientific test to the car… it called “a cat test”.

Basically they will put a virgin cat inside the car (so if the the cat died it has no kitten suffering), and then they will comeback 6 months later with the doctor to do autopsy to find out what happened with the cat… So they put the cat  in Mercedes G, Toyota land cruiser and Land Rover Series III, all brand new… they left and agree to meet again 6 months later same time. Cut the story short, 6 months later the three engineers meet up to see the result, and they bring a long the doctor…

First visit is the Mercedez Benz car… they found cat body (or the left of it) in the car and the doctor do the autopsy… the result : The cat died by way of suffocation, estimated death 2 days after the cat put inside the car…

Second visit is the the Toyota, and they found the cat body (or the left of it) and do similar autopsy… The result : The cat died by way of starvation, estimated death 2 weeks after the cat put inside the car…

Third visit is to the land rover… but they  can not find the dead body…. they found a cat and three kitten instead…! =========

Can you imagine, if the cat can gets in and out and breed as she please in a land rover series, how about dirts, winds, water, stone, mud etc… they all can get in easily… the one will not get in is Missus or non land rover fan friends :) that bring to my subject as in the title.. we can actually seal them to a degree where it can slightly weather proof…

First: Drive them in the heavy rain and mark where it leaks water or dirt etc… in my case the water leaks from the front where the wind screen attached to the bulk head… put the mask tape for cleaner and tidy result and then use the the sealer (silicone) gun to seal them up.. job done… time needed 30 minute to 1 hour, cost US$ 5.


One month of using Land Rover Series 3 as daily transport

It is about one month now I am using Land rover series III as my daily transport in Jakarta, that includes going to office, malls, get stuck in traffic jam, trough heavy rain and hot sunny weather… Here are few things on the experience using it daily. On the side note I do have Japs car that I use daily before I have series land rover. Here is the picture of the two.

Land rover and Xtrail
Current and previous daily transport

So lets start: Comfort level: The comfort difference between the two is like day and night… the Japs car is much superior… we all know that… installing Air conditioner in Land rover is a must for city driving, I will not drive land rover series without air condition in Jakarta… it just unbearably hot. I still can tolerate the Non Power Assisted Steering (PAS), but without aircon, I’d rather leave it at home… :) actually even with air conditioning system,  The temperature will not down to human comfort level, it just enough to keep you not sweating. Imagine 31C and you stuck in this kind of traffic jam… :)


Why I use it for daily transport..?: Because mainstream is boring :), it gives something bit different in day to day work.. something outdoor lifestyle in the indoor job… it is statement that you are a free man without smoking Marlboro :). However it comes with a price,  you have to bring fresh clothes in case you are sweating due to the air con failure or simply the aircon can not cope with the heat outside and you you will burn more gasoline than before

How easy to park it in the office or malls: Lets just say manageable, In the office I can only park in ground floor or underground, never upstairs. In malls, please be careful, some of the malls only allow less than 2.0m car height. if this is the case try to find parking outside the building. here is the picture me parking in mall

How about friends.. what is their comments..?: One thing that we should well aware  is… Although we love land rover series, most of our friends are not… Although their comments mostly very nice.. i.e Cute, WoW, Very nice etc… few friends is actually tried it but that is probably the first and the last time they ever ride a Landy… no matter how nice they say about it…  word of advise: Do not ever try to pick up girl friend with this… I guarantee she will prefer to stay at home.. :).

Have them cleaned: Although Land rover capable of off road and only need car wash once in every year…  Having very clean landy with polished tire is always a good thing, it looks faster and more reliable than actually is.

Last but not least: It does not matter what other think, as long as we enjoy it.. just do it…

land rover series: How much it cost when it was New?

As above, I have this question myself..

Indonesia is actually a very special to Land rover, because their first dealer outside England is in Indonesia “Java Motor”. Since around 1950 Java motor is the only place we can buy land rover in Indonesia

Again back to the question, how much is the cost when land rover series is new..? Fortunately I have an old document a purchase receipt of the land rover series short wheel base for my very first land rover. According to the document, the cost of new hard top, short wheel base land rover is: Rp. 4.950.000 (US$ 500 using current rate) March 1977. Any one can calculate the current price taking into account the inflation etc, please write down below…  Here is the picture of the document:

Harga land rover ketika baru
Harga land rover series Baru

Apparently the buyer at that time is on the waiting list, he need to pay the down payment and only three months later the landy is up for collection. Here is the landy when I bought it for 15.000.000 (1.500 US$) few years ago. So I paid three times more than it was new.. :).


Along with receipt, I also found the standard equipment comes with this truck… here is the equipment standard


Everything About Tuning The 2.25 Petrol Engine – ACR, Turner & others perspective

engine2.25petrolWarning: Long article but worth it..! There are a lot of information about how we upgrade our old engine… some says.. : drop in the 2.5 cam, milled the head by 0.02 inch, ported and polish etc etc.. all is good advise but I read this discussion (or debate) with great interest and decided to put it here in case we need  reference lets start (I deleted conversation that are irrelevant), and unfortunately, I can not see the poster names unless it stated at the end of the post.

Someone: I think that these engines have a specified max rev limit of 4600. Though going over 4000 for anything short of a few seconds is probably not a good idea. My tachometer has the occasional misbeat but in no way does it wander like yours does. If its something to do with the ignition and not a bad connection it’ll show up on a vacuum guage as well, they’re cheap, easy to fit and very useful.

Roland (ACR): We set the Power Plus engine red line at 5200RPM this will give plenty of safety margin as they will run to 5700 on an intermittent basis with no problems. There is little to be gained by running much over 4800 as the power falls off rapidly over this point. However if you enjoy using the power e.g. racing rush hour traffic, off road competition etc it is useful to be able to run past maximum power so that the engine drops into a more favourable part of the power band on changing up a gear as the spacing between gear ratios on the 4 speed box is large. Regarding oil temperature the red line is around 250 however Mobil 1 will work safely well beyond that . We would keep the 250 as the upper maximum it is very unlikely even desert temperatures will push the temperature this high.


Wheel Alignment for Land Rover Series

Wheel Alignment… do it when :

  1. You feel an excessive play in the steering wheel
  2. The car is sometime pulling you to the right or left
  3. A bit difficult to control (wandering around)
  4. If you turning (right or left) the steering wheel is not easily comeback to the original position

Now, there is a good chance that the computer in the garage or tire shop do not have information to adjust your Land Rover Series, from what I read somewhere on the internet… not sure where…  following is the info needed for wheel alignmenr


front wheel toe-in: 1.2 mm – 2.4 mm (3/64 inch – 3/32 inch)

castor angle : 3°
camber angle : 1°3′
swivel pin inclination : 7°

You migh not be able to adjust castor, camber and swivel pin though because its fixed


I just did the wheel alignment last weekend