Inflasi Jabatan

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya belanja ke sebuah hypermarket (toko modern besar), dan cukup terkejut mendengar sebuah pengumuman lewat pengeras suara

Konsultan “merek X” anda diperlukan di counter 6

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Simplicity is the key

We all want something something simple… hassle free, easy to use, uncluttered  or “just work” the way we want it… look at :

  • Apple VS Windows VS Linux, I am using three of them and now I am very Apple bias. Linux wins in the server market because its reliability, and may be easier to use than the other two in the eyes of server administrator.
  • UberSocial VS Twitter VS Social Scope, I am using three of them but use more UberSocial for easy to use, although SocialScope has more features
  • DropBox VS Sugarsync…? DropBox wins my heart
  • WordPress VS Others..?  WordPress rules…because.. it’s just… works

Simplicity sets us apart from competition, however to make something simple is not easy. Try to make our everyday job more simpler, we probably have to think harder than thinking about new features. But do it anyway, your boss or clients will love you for that.

Office politics

We all (claim to) hate it, but some play it, some get caught in the middle of it, some avoid it, some just don’t care…

No matter what, office politics is so not worth it…

Office politics is a short cut to get what we wanted, but it is only temporary… and we have to stay playing office politics to defend it. And then, without we realizing it, we become like gollum in the lord of the ring film

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