land rover series: How much it cost when it was New?

As above, I have this question myself..

Indonesia is actually a very special to Land rover, because their first dealer outside England is in Indonesia “Java Motor”. Since around 1950 Java motor is the only place we can buy land rover in Indonesia

Again back to the question, how much is the cost when land rover series is new..? Fortunately I have an old document a purchase receipt of the land rover series short wheel base for my very first land rover. According to the document, the cost of new hard top, short wheel base land rover is: Rp. 4.950.000 (US$ 500 using current rate) March 1977. Any one can calculate the current price taking into account the inflation etc, please write down below…¬† Here is the picture of the document:

Harga land rover ketika baru

Harga land rover series Baru

Apparently the buyer at that time is on the waiting list, he need to pay the down payment and only three months later the landy is up for collection. Here is the landy when I bought it for 15.000.000 (1.500 US$) few years ago. So I paid three times more than it was new.. :).


Along with receipt, I also found the standard equipment comes with this truck… here is the equipment standard