Pasar Festival…

Hmm ada apa ini..?

Oh rupanya orang sedang antri…


Untuk masuk kolam renang…

Mostly anak anak yang renang, tiket masuk… Goceng… tinggal lima menit lagi

Yang antri sambil duduk juga banyak.. :)
Tapi saya makan junkfood saja.. :)

Setelah Hujan di Jalan Casablanca

Beberapa hasil foto hunting di sekitar jalan Casablanca setelah hujan, air tergenang sampai ke mata kaki…  enjoy

Tersedia dalam Format RAW, (no model release)… yang ingin menggunakan image dr blog ini email saja untuk licensenya… :)

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Oh my…. two women sitting on top of vegetables on their way to wet market to sell their produce… they look weary, sleepy and bored… hope that they arrived safely

(Kodak Ektar 100, Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 C Sonnar ZM)



What I like, all the three men here are focusing in the chessboard… it shows the man (without shirt) is thinking hard …  one of the attempt to take close picture of the person, other picts are as follows

No story


I shoot film..!

I love photography, but that does not mean that I am good at it.. :) I can not sing, can not draw can not dance… it seems that I have very little sense of art. So, I kind of give up… but how can you give up something that you love…. you just can not.. ha.. !

Here I am still continue taking pictures… Sorry if it doesn’t up to your taste, but I don’t care.. :D. This time is different though… I took pictures using manual film camera. Somehow Land rover series and film camera is just a good pair, love them both… and here you go…  my first  try

Kawasan merokok   : Kodak Portra 400- cropping only

Out of 36 film, I shot 6 of them with the cap on, yes it will be very easy to shoot range finder camera with the cap on… you can not see the difference. so wasted 6 shots… since I am using camera TTL meterin, only one of them is too dark.. others are mostly bit overexposed…

Second try…  kids picture… seems good idea..

Kodak Portra 400
Kodak Portra 400 – Simple picts but not easy to take, I know this kid will be coming out of the house so I pre-focus and wait.. when He came out, he looked at me and I snapped the pict before he knows what happened… so much work for simple picture :)

Now how about taking picture of people smiling or laughing… man, that is not easy to make someone laughing while you point the camera to them… Here is my try..

Kodak Portra 400
Kodak Portra 400 – To make him laugh, I make a dirty joke, and shoot off hand…  that’s my Land Rover tire he is fixing

Same joke different person… :)

Kodak portra 400 - I will not tell you the joke... the feminist will kill me.. :)
Kodak portra 400 – I will not tell you the joke… the feminist will kill me.. :)

Ok thats it for now.. please do not stating the obvious that I take a crappy pictures… if you can tell me how I can become Steve Mccurry please write down below.. :)