Just before Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslim) Indonesian have culture to visit a cemetery, we pray for our relatives who died before us, and also to remind our self that all of us will eventually die… we call it “Ziarah”

A quite emotional moment because it is the same as visiting our love one, who without them we may never existed, we say thanks to them, we pray for them and we ask for their forgiveness for any wrong doing that we do to them, but now they are no longer with us…

I am trying to take few pictures during Ziarah ritual to catch the feeling of it…

I took few others but I think the above is the best in my opinion… here are the other picts:

same picture different angle, although the feel is more intense in this picture but the girl stand up at the background kind of ruin it


This actually I like best.. if it is not blurred… I took this picture around 5.30Pm ish and is quite dark…  using Kodak Ektar ASA 100, already open it full at f:1.5, I still have to lower down the speed up to 1/30 of a second. Not very sharp but I think that is the soul of Ziarah… Not only praying, but we also introduce our kid to his ancestor, telling them story how kind his grand mother/father are… it almost brought me tears…