Office politics

We all (claim to) hate it, but some play it, some get caught in the middle of it, some avoid it, some just don’t care…

No matter what, office politics is so not worth it…

Office politics is a short cut to get what we wanted, but it is only temporary… and we have to stay playing office politics to defend it. And then, without we realizing it, we become like gollum in the lord of the ring film

“We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious… my preciousss… They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!”

How can we have fun working environment in this situation… kissing ass, kicking head, back stabbing, creating bad rumor, paranoia…

When I saw someone do some tricks playing politics, I am so sad, because that person may have nothing else or can’t go anywhere… stuck… and office politics is the only way move forward… I feel sorry for him/her.

If I personally get impacted, I never get angry, very few times I respond to it just for fun, but most of the time I just acknowledge it and move on.  Just do the best and have fun…

Can we 100% avoid it ? Yes… if we love and very passionate about our job, office politics doesn’t matter and we do not need to play office politics to get what we wanted.

There are proper places to do this kind of play but certainly not in the office….


  1. hello Vidinur,
    lol I just want to say excellent one point you have took for blogging…office politics is an increasing problem…I only want to say..this is the use and misuse of power in the workplace.

  2. afi says:

    The bad news is when those who play the politic game are the ones who are perched atop the nest (the higher ups). Thank god never got involved :)

    Good post mas vid!

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