A Shitty bank

  • If a bank team up with “dark forces” to retrieve their bad debt
  • Using unethical ways (including torture, humiliation) to force someone to pay their debt… which might end up killing THEIR OWN CUSTOMER
  • And saying “I didn’t Do it” over and over again like Homer Simpson and hoping that we will believe in them
  • Or… some one can withdraw sum amount of  THEIR CUSTOMER money, unauthorized…
  • etc etc you know it…

Any bank with the above attitude, it is a clear sign that bank is a shitty one… Your choice to be THEIR CUSTOMER…

Me…? I will be avoiding it like a plague

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  1. Rehan says:

    Needed strong attitude also for avoiding, right? Yes is yes, no is no. It is right as the east right away. thanks.

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