Project Happy…

Have a little (or big) project for your self, something that makes or keep you happy, anything…

If you are a “company drone” like me, you will have a lot of projects from your employer. That projects are designed to make our employer happy. To be honest, I can tell that our employer is genuinely want us to be happy, the happier we are, the better we are at work, the more capable we are to make profit for the employer which is their source of happiness. In turn they can provide the salary increase or bonus that also one of the source of our happiness… :).

I said one of the source… because salary increase, promotion and bonus may be only a hygiene factor* for us, means… that’s not enough..! So we are responsible for our own happiness… Very cliche but it’s true… we need to find something specifically designed for our own and only our own happiness, not too selfish I hope… :). Sometimes we need to stretch and challenge our self to get very rewarding experience.

Some Examples:

  1. Buy luxurious item / vacation that we really want  (Without using credit card or sacrificing monthly expense) (challenge us financially)
  2. Probono works, guest lecture, write articles (challenge our brain)
  3. Hiking, mountain climbing, overland  driving (challenge us physically)
  4. Build something
  5. Healthy living etc

Believe me, anyone, including our employer will thank us if we keep ourselves happy…

*Hygiene factor : whose absence may lead to dissatisfaction in employees but whose presence does not necessarily leads to their satisfaction.

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