does practice always make perfect ?

Yes and No…!

One thing that I’ve learned from golf (which I am not good at) is: Practice can actually do more harm than good to your game improvement.  If we are not getting the basic right, practicing can  actually make us comfortable in the wrong position. We can still hit the ball, but it just not ideal.

Writing should be using the shoulder girdle*

I also read a website about hand writing*, it says that most of us write using wrong set of muscle. We suppose to use more of the shoulder girdle muscle instead of  finger muscle, but most of us do just the opposite. Fine writing no longer taught in the school since 1970s hence most of us do not get the basic right.  As we practice more and  more, we are now comfortable using the wrong set of muscle. We still can write alright, but generally not as good as our parents and quickly feel fatigue on the long writing

My point is, although we are comfortable of certain way in doing something, it doesn’t mean that we are doing it right. We may need to fine tuning it a bit or completely unlearn what we have learned so far to be able to do it new ways.

I am not suggesting that we re-learn everything, but it is good idea to re-learn something that is very important for us.

For example, if like me, speaking / writing English is important and I’ve  learned it by way of autodidact in the entire my life. I probably have to fine tune or overhaul my English writing/speaking. I can be comfortable writing the article in English, but as see, you will find  a lot of shameful grammatical errors or word choices in this blog.

On the other hand Golf play is not important for me, I can live with  handicap above 20 for the rest of my life..

To fine tune or overhaul our skills, it is a good idea to have a coach, someone who understand  how to do it best (either pro or not). If  we can not have a good coach for whatever reasons, the second best option would be books, internet etc.

And only then… practice like crazy… :) do not forget to evaluate the improvement during the process…

Have a nice day all..

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