Antara Padang-Palembang

Get bored…? why not doing something a bit crazy… how about long distance overland with 45 years old Landrover, ya why not…  its gonna be fun…. :)

The plan is simple, Plan A: buy car in  Padang, and drive it 1.367 km all the way to Jakarta… Plan B… If the car broken beyond repair somewhere in nowhere, just abandon it.. :).  Here is the Plan route, Jakarta – Padang (by plane) – Palembang (visiting sister) – Cilegon- Jakarta

Route overland dg Landrover

D Day – Saturday, Flew to Padang at 6 AM and with all the tool kits and lots of T-shirts and finally met the landy and the owner… The owner such a nice guy pick me up at the airport, and he drove me around the town as a tour guide and visiting few pretty girl friends and buy things that we might need during the trip. Here is the 45 years old landy

Land rover series IIA

The Landy: As you may see that actually the landy is already upgraded for Off road use… Very cool, so nothing to worry

Dashboard cukup lengkap…termasuk AC meski tidak berfungsi
Gardan Salisbury
Gardan sudah di upgrade menggunakan salisbury dan juga body uplift sekitar 1 inchi, Pelek juga sudah 16 inch

Just for the save measure: new tires and brake pads

Untuk amannya kami memperbaiki bebrapa hal, yaitu memasang Ban yang baru (2 buah), memperbaiki rem, dan juga wiper yang tidak berfungsi. Untuk Air Conditioner tidak diperbaiki karena akan percuma saja.

And off we go… Starting 15PM and… Traffic jam only after few minutes from padang

We can only drive about 250kms for the day, at 10PM I consulted to GPS to get the closest Motel.. and here it is..:), 125,000 for one night (don’t expect a light bulb in the bath room… need to keep the door open to get some light)

D+1 Morning: Need a full tank of gas, ound a gas station but you need to queue… I am lucky to have my car filled full tank, the gas supply will only last for few hours and you need to wait few hours or the next morning until replenishment coming

queueing at gas station

They maybe look poor… but they have satellite dish..! :)

Hillarious… sometime you have to stop and let them pass…

Well… after all this road is may be designed for buffaloes and Pigs rather than cars…

And I am witnessing how this Goliath fell down just few hundreds meter away from me…  look at the hole..!

Sungai Musi – River side Lunch and siesta… Nice

and this is what this island famous for… Kelapa sawit..!

What a boss..! :)  The gas station is closed during the night, good place to have a rest in the middle of nowhere

D+2: Finally after 800 kms driving I saw this..! a beautiful bridge.. :)

Its time for some “health check”, brought the Landy to the local garage… still very strong and ready for another round of 800 kms, the steering is wobbly though and I got information that the road to Lampung is even worst. It will take about half day to fix the steering…

After a bit of discussion and considering that our back is ached a little bit :) , we finally we decided to leave the landy at my sister’s house and pick it up someday to continue the trip.

Its a good, daring trip, loads of fun… will certainly doing it again.. :)

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  1. Wow looks like an amazing experiance, i did a round trip from miami to Los Angeles, witha few friends and it was increable. everyone should do a road trip at some point as it really changes you.

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