Breaking the Rule(s)

What do you call someone who understand the rules but consciously breaking it…? we have two names for them:

  1. Criminals
  2. Artists

the difference of the two is: The first one theyare breaking the rules for personal gain at the cost of others, while the second one they are breaking the rules without hurting anyone. You may be never be an artist if you break the rules without knowing it, you can however, become a criminal by breaking rules regardless you know it or not.

Breaking rules consciously is what make an abstract painting have a higher value than a 3 years old kid who paint randomly ( although sometime artist use a 3 years baby to paint their masterpiece).

Look at Picasso for example, he break most of rules, but still, we regard him as the greatest artist in century, he can paint according to the rules alright, but he chooses not to, he wants to paint his expression if it need to break some rules lets be it. This is what he wants doesn’t matter what others want.

Does he break all rules he knows…? I do not think so, he still maintain some rules to keep the color balance for example… so even he break rules, he knows exactly which one to break and which one to keep. Some who understand and can appreciate it, will be willing to  pay dearly for his paintings.

We can be an artist anywhere, in marketing, in class, in finance company etc… but we have two rules for it

1. We should understand the rules completely

2. Break the wrong rules, we can go to jail….

Jakarta 2.30AM. Damned you Insomnia… :)

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