Buy Happiness

We can buy happiness, it is in fact one of the reason why we work so hard… This following is my personal justification on buying things

  • Celebrate our wins. Big wins big celebrations, small wins small celebrations
  • Books… If we like reading… do not skimming on paperbacks, its for students. Consider the soft copy if we want lighter weight
  • Gym membership… exercise give us similar substance as dope… think as we are buying a healthy dope… Only if we really going to use it though, otherwise better donate the money to an orphanage
  • Hobby.. Buy a good camera, stick golf, cars, watch or whatever we can buy with spare money… No point buying expensive stuff with loan or insurance money.
  • Vacation, we need break from routine… and come back to work with wide smile on our face…

Point is… buy happiness if we can, life is too short anyway.. But plan it carefully, or else…. our life will be shorter  than it should be…  :D

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  1. People try to say money doesn’t buy happiness. But it certainly helps!

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