Stalling is a kind of procrastination, may be worst may be not… I don’t know… To me,  stalling usually related with (relatively big) decision making while procrastination usually not related to big decision making.

When I am putting off cleaning my desk, or not paying my credit card dues that’s  procrastination. When I am stuck at my “stinky” job and do nothing about it… that’s stalling.

The good (or bad) thing is,  we can live relatively comfortable in it. In fact the by stalling things, we defend the status-quo, the most comfortable place in the world and the best thing is we can still have sense of achievement or seen that way

  • We can do day to day job, doing technical stuff  when what we really need to do is leading
  • We can show up in the office 9-5 without fail when we need to do is networking
  • We can continue / re-enter  the school when we need to do is finding a (new) job / opportunity
  • We can blog when what we need to do is writing magazine articles

The list can go on and on… you can not argue that doing day to day job, show up in the office without fail, re-enter school and blogging is a bad thing to do… its not bad at all… but deep inside we know, we actually need to do something else bigger than that.

Is it always a bad thing..? not necessarily… we may be doing it because we do not want a sudden and abrupt move jeopardizing our current rhythm.

Re-enter the school for example, it can broaden our knowledge and networking, give us new perspectives and may lead to a new exciting job… Or blogging for example, it can be a “testing the water” for our potentially controversial  piece of article…

The worst stalling of all is… Not doing anything… and do not confuse with the concept of the “art of doing nothing” its totally different concept.. :)

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