My First Landy

I am a Landrover enthusiast, a land rover series lover… love it because its a very basic car (it just slightly modern than horse cart :)… ), You can easily understand how it works ( it broke down a lot though), its tough… and its cheap too… :) so that is to conclude why I love it…

This Post is to start my post about landrover series in this blog…

and here is my very first land Rover…

I bought it around Rp.15 mio (US$ 1.500) looks tough isn’t it..? I call it “Kuya” means turtle… because it can go anywhere but very slooow.. :), have loads of fun with it…

Sadly this LandRover is now dead (defunc). My “trusted” mechanic who take care of this car, actually selling it’s parts without me knowing it… but as we all know… It is never over in a Land Rover, his body parts and soul now support my other landrovers…

Few Pictures of my now defunc Kuya…

At Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Relax after light off road at camp

Will add some more if I can find the old picts..

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