Introducing the new pet of mine… Land rover 109

Introducing my Land rover series III. I think I will start to use this blog as the new diary for her, hope it can be useful for the other landy owner out there…

First of all, here is the picture of her, it is BIG, Long, and have turn radius of tug boat, and please don’t ask about fuel consumption..  :)


specification when its out of the factory is as follows:

Engine           4-cylinder 90.47 x 88.9mm 2286cc CR 8:1
                 Zenith Carb. 70 bhp (DIN) at 4000rpm
                 Max. torque 120 lb/ft at 1500rpm
Transmission     Optional 4-wheel or rear wheel drive.
                 Front and rear diferentials
                 High and low range of gears
                 Axle ratios 4.7:1 
                 High range step down ratio 1.148:1 ;
                 Overall gear ratios 5.396, 8.05, 12.00, 19.88 :1
                 Reverse 21.66:1
                 16.5 mph/1000rpm in top gear
                 Low range step down ratio 2.35:1 ; 
                 Overall ratios 11.10, 16.50, 24.60, 40.70 :1
                 Reverse 44.30:1.
                 8 mph/1000rpm in top gear
                 Fully syncromesh gears.
Suspention and brakes
                 Live front axle, half ellipic leaf springs, telescopic dampers,
                 live rear axle, half ellipic leaf springs, telescopic dampers,
                 Recirclating ballnut steering.
                 11 x 2.25in front and rear drum brakes
                 7.5 - 16in tyres
Dimentions       Wheelbase 9ft 1in (109in)
                 Front and rear track 4ft 4.5in
                 Length 14ft 7in
                 Height (Max) 6ft 7in
                 Unladen weight from 3301 lbs
                 Max. allowable vehicle weight 5905 lbs

Few Notes: As stated above, the CR (compression ratio) is 8:1, very-very low in current standard, it is designed to be able to use low quality of fuel, and it need leaded fuel actually… which this type of fuel is no longer available in Indonesia.

Cost of ownership so far: US$ 5.000

So that’s it for now, will be a lot of update in the future


9 thoughts on “Introducing the new pet of mine… Land rover 109

  1. I think those alloys look great :-) however the problem is that the tyre diameter is too small. A bigger tyre on those same rims would look better in my opinion.

    Are they 15″ or 16″ rims? My wifes truck has 255/85R16 (33″) size tyres on 7×16 modular wheels on her 109″ and I think it looks in proportion. See here: however she has heavy duty parabolic springs fitted to her truck which gives a significant suspension lift and plenty of clearance for the tyres.

    By the way, your station wagon looks lovely.

    • Yap you are right, it seems too small and looks horrible, I have change it back to Steel rim… If the money permit I will try 235/85/16 to be the closest height as 750×16.

      Your Pick up truck is very nice, pick up is very expensive here around US$800 just for the roof, if you can somehow send it here it will be a good business :)

      • EEK! $800 for a truck cab, wow. They are quite common and cheap in the UK. I have three of them, one on each of our Series Land Rovers and a spare sat in the garden. I’ll bet the shipping costs to you from the UK are horrendous?

        • I think it will be quite expensive due to the size of the package. I have asked for quote on ebay sellers few times, but none is willing to make quote and sell it within GB only.. :).

          I quite like your outdoor lifestyle… looks cool.. :)

          • I’ll check when I get some spare time. Mind you most truck cabs on ebay are in awful state. The spare one I have is full of dents and I’m not very good at panel repairs. It needs a skilled person to remove the dents and then it will be fine. I only paid £20 for my dented truck cab but I think it will cost another £100 to strip, repair and repaint. I suspect if you had a container load of them shipped out then it would work out quite profitable but not really worth it for one or two :-(

          • Do you mind to send it here.. just one using ground parcel service, lets see how much it cost, no need to repair as Indonesia is full of garage artist :).

            If you want to try, quote me on handling, shipping etc, I’ll see if I can market it here… I will pay all cost and split equally the margin… we may be can do business :) do it only in your spare time, no rush :)

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