Land rover series Upgrade, alloy wheel or Steel

Part I. (US$ 5000)

What can you do to upgrade your land rover series..? the answer is… a Lot…! I will start with (rim) wheel… We have the option of alloy, carbon, and steel… the stock land rover series comes with steel rim wheel, nothing wrong with it…

It is strong, Easy to repair and cheap to make… if you are in remote area, and your wheel broke, you can easily weld it with acetylene.

On the down side, they are heavier, and can not use tubeless ( yes you can, but one will tell you there are risk using tubeless in tubed rim).

So all in all, I do not think that the upgrade to Alloy wheel is necessary, it is more of nice to have, which fortunately I have spare of Tubeless rim from my old landy. Without hesitation I change the steel wheel with the alloy one, here is the picts

ImageThe good thing about this particular alloy wheel is (other than looks good), it can significantly reduce the turn radius. I am not measure it though, but may be equal to short chassis landy, very nice, and shaving few kgs from land rover series is always welcome.

Now, something is not quite right… it seems too low for a land rover, my tire now is around 31 inch diameter, while my steel rim, will have around 32 inch diameter, hence now my Landy is a seems a bit cute.. :)

Which one do you like… the one with stock (steel) rim like this oneImage

or The one with alloy rim below…


Cost of upgrade US$ 600 (for rim only exclude tire)

Cheers for now… :)

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