Another upgrade of land rover series 109 – Exhaust pipe

I notice something strange in the engine bay, sometime a lot of smoke (fumes) comes from the engine bay, quite scary, especially when I throttle up…  I thought something burnt, or some kind of electricity fault, however  after further investigation, I notice that the exhaust pipe is leaking… well… “leaking” is understatement… the exhaust pipe is almost fell off due to rust….

Fortunately in Indonesia we have a lot of special garage and one of the special exhaust workshop just around 2 km away… so off I go to the workshop to mend the leaking exhaust. Here is the landy at the exhaust workshop during inspection…


Surely my exhaust pipe is knackered, badly rusted, I do not have a chance to take picture, but it some how looks like this with a lot of patches and few holes

this image is from this website:

The exhaust header is fine though, so I leave it alone, the rest of the exhaust, has to be replaced with new and bigger pipe and here is the new muffler and pipe… I almost upgrade it to stainless steel, but that would be an overkill and expensive, I opt for mild steel instead. Its  good for couple decade anyway.. :). Here is the pict of new muffler and exhaust pipe

new exhaust pipe

new muffler

Cost of replacement US$ 130

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