Which spark plug for land rover series

Go to : http://www.richer-engineering.com/Series/spark_plugs.php for more lengthy explanation

In a nut shell:

For the land Rover 2.25, the required spark plug is:

14 MM plug thread
3/4″ reach (length of the threaded portion of the plug)
Gasketed seat
13/16″ hex
Resistor (optional – see above)
Copper core
Medium heat range (range from hot to cold)

In looking at this I hear you ask, “What about platinum plugs? Iridium? Multiple electrode?”

In short, don’t bother. Not worth the effort for an engine as lightly stressed as the old 2.25. Personally, I don’t even like them in my Rover V8s. If the engine isn’t designed to use them it’s not worth the effort.

For the Rover 2.25:

Champion RN11YC4
AC Delco R44XL
Autolite 64
NipponDenso W16EPR-U
Bosch WR8DS

Me: I am using Bosch platinum+4,  works ok…. One more thing, while you are at it… checking the condition of spark pug may be a good indication how healthy is your engine and electrical system in general


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