Wheel Alignment for Land Rover Series

Wheel Alignment… do it when :

  1. You feel an excessive play in the steering wheel
  2. The car is sometime pulling you to the right or left
  3. A bit difficult to control (wandering around)
  4. If you turning (right or left) the steering wheel is not easily comeback to the original position

Now, there is a good chance that the computer in the garage or tire shop do not have information to adjust your Land Rover Series, from what I read somewhere on the internet… not sure where…  following is the info needed for wheel alignmenr


front wheel toe-in: 1.2 mm – 2.4 mm (3/64 inch – 3/32 inch)

castor angle : 3°
camber angle : 1°3′
swivel pin inclination : 7°

You migh not be able to adjust castor, camber and swivel pin though because its fixed


I just did the wheel alignment last weekend


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