land rover series: How much it cost when it was New?

As above, I have this question myself..

Indonesia is actually a very special to Land rover, because their first dealer outside England is in Indonesia “Java Motor”. Since around 1950 Java motor is the only place we can buy land rover in Indonesia

Again back to the question, how much is the cost when land rover series is new..? Fortunately I have an old document a purchase receipt of the land rover series short wheel base for my very first land rover. According to the document, the cost of new hard top, short wheel base land rover is: Rp. 4.950.000 (US$ 500 using current rate) March 1977. Any one can calculate the current price taking into account the inflation etc, please write down below…  Here is the picture of the document:

Harga land rover ketika baru
Harga land rover series Baru

Apparently the buyer at that time is on the waiting list, he need to pay the down payment and only three months later the landy is up for collection. Here is the landy when I bought it for 15.000.000 (1.500 US$) few years ago. So I paid three times more than it was new.. :).


Along with receipt, I also found the standard equipment comes with this truck… here is the equipment standard



  1. mud4fun says:

    Most tyres here in the UK are also tubeless now. Pretty much every tyre I’ve run on my series trucks has been tubeless but the most common wheel to fit these modern tyres to is a steel 8 spoke or modular type.

    I think a certain group of people do not approve of alloys on a Series truck so they tend to say nasty things about them but for me, if I could afford a set, I’d have some. As you say, they are lighter in weight so should give some gains in fuel economy and performance albiet very slightly and some of the designs look perfectly good on a series truck.

    1. vidinur says:

      Can you really put the tubeless tire to stock land rover rim without any ill effect? I am always have impression that tubeless is alloy and tubed is steel rim… it is ok to have tubed in alloy but not vice versa.. that is my understanding until now…

      1. mud4fun says:

        Ah no sorry misunderstanding. The steel rims I’m talking about are not original Land Rover wheels. The 8 spoke or modular rims are aftermarket accessories that can be bought quite cheaply in the UK for approx £40 (US$60) each. The picture of my wifes blue pickup that I linked to on your other post is fitted with ‘modular’ wheels. They are 7″ wide x 16″ diameter and are designed for tubeless tyres. The reason you might have thought they were original is that I have painted ours in Limestone paint so they look more original.

        I prefer modern wheels like the modular (or even allooy) because they have zero (or even negative) offset so the tyre sits further outboard than a stock tyre. This gives better turning circle. As you correctly suggested on your alloy wheel post, our 109″ pickup on its modular wheels has as good a turning circle as many 88″ trucks that run on standard wheels. :-)

        1. vidinur says:

          Ah I see.. Yes we in Indonesia we use steel rim form Japs car i.e Suzuki Jimny’s. The alloy in my landy is already fitted in the car when I bought it… so its kind of free.. :)

  2. mud4fun says:

    Wow, that really shows how the prices are going up over time. I paid £1500 ($2200) for my 1960 Series II 88″ four years ago. I then paid £2500 ($3800) for my wifes 1985 109″ two years ago. So my vehicle is probably worth twice what it cost new and my wifes truck is only slightly less valuable than when it was new despite being a very young model. Both vehicles were also in very poor condition when purchased. Vehicles in very good condition were upwards of £3500 ($5300). This was in the UK were they are quite common. I imagine in some parts of the world the prices will be even higher.

    I see that your 88″ in the photo above has alloy wheels and I seem to remember your recent 109″ also has alloy wheels. Are they common fitment over there? It is very rare to see a Series Land Rover with alloys in the UK.

    1. vidinur says:

      whoa.. seems the price in UK is only slightly less than here :)… Alloy wheel is quite common here because we tend to use tubeless tire…

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