One month of using Land Rover Series 3 as daily transport

It is about one month now I am using Land rover series III as my daily transport in Jakarta, that includes going to office, malls, get stuck in traffic jam, trough heavy rain and hot sunny weather… Here are few things on the experience using it daily. On the side note I do have Japs car that I use daily before I have series land rover. Here is the picture of the two.

Land rover and Xtrail
Current and previous daily transport

So lets start: Comfort level: The comfort difference between the two is like day and night… the Japs car is much superior… we all know that… installing Air conditioner in Land rover is a must for city driving, I will not drive land rover series without air condition in Jakarta… it just unbearably hot. I still can tolerate the Non Power Assisted Steering (PAS), but without aircon, I’d rather leave it at home… :) actually even with air conditioning system,  The temperature will not down to human comfort level, it just enough to keep you not sweating. Imagine 31C and you stuck in this kind of traffic jam… :)


Why I use it for daily transport..?: Because mainstream is boring :), it gives something bit different in day to day work.. something outdoor lifestyle in the indoor job… it is statement that you are a free man without smoking Marlboro :). However it comes with a price,  you have to bring fresh clothes in case you are sweating due to the air con failure or simply the aircon can not cope with the heat outside and you you will burn more gasoline than before

How easy to park it in the office or malls: Lets just say manageable, In the office I can only park in ground floor or underground, never upstairs. In malls, please be careful, some of the malls only allow less than 2.0m car height. if this is the case try to find parking outside the building. here is the picture me parking in mall

How about friends.. what is their comments..?: One thing that we should well aware  is… Although we love land rover series, most of our friends are not… Although their comments mostly very nice.. i.e Cute, WoW, Very nice etc… few friends is actually tried it but that is probably the first and the last time they ever ride a Landy… no matter how nice they say about it…  word of advise: Do not ever try to pick up girl friend with this… I guarantee she will prefer to stay at home.. :).

Have them cleaned: Although Land rover capable of off road and only need car wash once in every year…  Having very clean landy with polished tire is always a good thing, it looks faster and more reliable than actually is.

Last but not least: It does not matter what other think, as long as we enjoy it.. just do it…


  1. mud4fun says:

    LOL, my wife uses her 109″ as a daily driver although she generally only does short trips to the local town and back, however the vehicle has racked up 7K miles in just two years and has proven to be very reliable and enjoyable transport so far.

    Air conditioning is something definately NOT required in the UK :-) It is currently just 9 degrees centigrade outside and yes it is May and is meant to be summer here……..a good heater is far more vital over here and thankfully her heater works really well :-)

    1. vidinur says:

      In Jakarta the average temperature would be around 31 C, will be sweating bullet without the air con.. :)

      1. mud4fun says:

        I guess it depends on if you are moving or not? My wife and I have both driven our Series in very hot weather for the UK (25-32c) but we find opening the vents flaps fully and having the sliding windows open in the rear of the truck cab, coupled with a white roof all help to keep us quite cool when driving along. It is only when we get stuck in a traffic jam that it gets uncomfortable. We are fortunate that most roads near to where we live are rural backroads that are generally empty of traffic so we can keep moving :-)

  2. sam clarke says:

    Hi, I’ve got a series 3 88″ that I’m currently rebuilding and that’ll be my daily driver (and my first car :D ) Its got bigger wheels off a 109″ on it and an overdrive so it’ll manage higher speeds which is a plus :) Have you thought of fitting an electric fan to help keep the engine cool in traffic? You could always take the roof off and go safari style :D

    1. vidinur says:

      Congratulation for the first series landy, I am sure you will have few more in the future.. :) Engine is fine with current metal blade fan although it rob few HP from the engine… Safari style is not an option in here, it just too hot and too much rain

  3. Bartek says:

    my 109 is a everyday transport approach, very city vehicle :-), no other factors matter, Landy is love :-)

    1. vidinur says:

      could not agree more.. :)

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