Her name is Dolly…

Finally I join the land rover owner stupid habit, naming their vehicle as it was a person… There is actually a name for this habit, its called

Pathetic fallacy : ascribes human, emotional qualities (feelings, thought, sensation) to inanimate objects, as if possessed of human awareness. In describing and ascribing sentience to things, in the term pathetic fallacy, the word pathetic communicates feelings of two types, pathos (emotion) and empathy (capability of emotion).

Although sound pathetic, looks pathetic, and probably indeed pathetic, I will do it anyway :).  After few months without name, I finally found a name for it… but before that I will tell you my other options. One thing that we need to remember when naming a landy (or any car) appropriately: the car gender is female… Not sure why but this is European way of thinking, (may be because we “ride” her),  since landy is England origin, I just follow the suit…

Option 1. Actually I am thinking of Indonesian Names : like Rina, Siska, Dewi, Santi but somehow it is all the name that the missus would not approve, and if I ever mumbling  any of those names during my sleep, I will be in deep deep trouble.. :)

Option 2. Still Indonesian name but animal: Bleduk (anak gajah), kuya, gudel (anak kerbau), genjik (anak celeng) etc… but it all seems bit off

Finally finally, I found a name which probably suitable for it… Dolly… after Dolly Parton, she was born in 1946 and her prime time was in 70s… She was a country singer and quite good at that… but sometime she just (playing in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas as a) bitch… She never be a porn star though and most (if not all) of the nude picture of her are fake…

So.. country music, busty, sexy (by 1970 standard), sometime bitchy… just the way I like it… thats my landy and riding her will never be the same anymore… yiihaa…  :D

Her name is dolly

Her name is dolly

One of Dolly Parton Song below….

6 thoughts on “Her name is Dolly…

  1. Excellent, it had my wife and I smiling and laughing reading your post. :-)

    I have always named my cars with female names mostly because they consume vast amounts of my money, time and energy in keeping them running happy ;-) oh, and they like to be ‘ridden’ regularly ;-)

    However my daughters and wife named my Mazda pickup ‘Thomas’ so it seems maybe it is more accurate to say that females name their cars with male names and vice versa for men?

    Either way it is perfectly normal in our hosue to name the cars, as with so many of them (at one point my family had six cars on the drive) it was easier to say ‘I’m going out in Annie’ rather than ‘I’m going out in the pickup’ which resulted in ‘which one?’ :-)

    • aha ha… Mr. Mud4fun… you are not being fair Mrs Mud4fun, I am sure what you meant to write is: “because they bring joy and warmth to the lonely soul… and and they like to be ‘ridden’ regularly ;-)” (hope that Mrs. Mud4fun will send me cookies when she reads this :p)

      I think the gender labeling is coming from French, who are very passionate in putting label on anything (chair, cars, telephone etc ). I remember when I am taking french class, it is so confusing to guess which things are male and which female so I develop little secret in guessing it: If we can ride on it (or happy to be ridden as you say :)), it’s female… if we can not ride on it (like God for example)… its male and I am correct most of the time… Ha!

      6 cars..? one for every family member including the cat and chicken..? :)

      • LOL, Mrs Mud4fun approves of your comment! :-)

        Actually you are probably correct with the French thing, I too have always been confused with the gender of items and whether to use the Le or La, despite having two french girlfriends for several years I’m still none the wiser and still get it wrong! Maybe I should apply your strategy too :-)

        Yes, when I was still living at home we had a lot of vehicles on the drive. My Father had his special car for Sundays (usually a high power sports car), then a daily truck to drive to work (usually a Toyota Hi-lux) then we also had a large commercial pickup (Transit flat bed or even larger 7.5 ton truck), then my Mother had her car, my sister had hers and I had two myself, the Land Rover and a project car…….we had a very large drive ;-)

  2. You´re a little bit wrong with that what You wrote about Dolly. (from my point of view) She´s not sexy by 1970´s standard, she´s a timeless beauty ;)

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