Seal em up… – three enginneers joke

Have you heard a joke about land rover engineer… if not, here is the story…

========= There are three engineers from different companies in a bar… one from land rover Solihul, one from Mercedez Benz Germany and another one from Toyota Japan…. you know when three engineers meet up, they will try to out boast each other how their brand is better than the others… and it seems they have a deadlock, no one can convince each other. so they will put a very scientific test to the car… it called “a cat test”.

Basically they will put a virgin cat inside the car (so if the the cat died it has no kitten suffering), and then they will comeback 6 months later with the doctor to do autopsy to find out what happened with the cat… So they put the cat  in Mercedes G, Toyota land cruiser and Land Rover Series III, all brand new… they left and agree to meet again 6 months later same time. Cut the story short, 6 months later the three engineers meet up to see the result, and they bring a long the doctor…

First visit is the Mercedez Benz car… they found cat body (or the left of it) in the car and the doctor do the autopsy… the result : The cat died by way of suffocation, estimated death 2 days after the cat put inside the car…

Second visit is the the Toyota, and they found the cat body (or the left of it) and do similar autopsy… The result : The cat died by way of starvation, estimated death 2 weeks after the cat put inside the car…

Third visit is to the land rover… but they  can not find the dead body…. they found a cat and three kitten instead…! =========

Can you imagine, if the cat can gets in and out and breed as she please in a land rover series, how about dirts, winds, water, stone, mud etc… they all can get in easily… the one will not get in is Missus or non land rover fan friends :) that bring to my subject as in the title.. we can actually seal them to a degree where it can slightly weather proof…

First: Drive them in the heavy rain and mark where it leaks water or dirt etc… in my case the water leaks from the front where the wind screen attached to the bulk head… put the mask tape for cleaner and tidy result and then use the the sealer (silicone) gun to seal them up.. job done… time needed 30 minute to 1 hour, cost US$ 5.



  1. puji shidarta says:

    Bang Vidi..dimana bengkel untuk body di Jakarta? terima kasih..

    1. vidinur says:

      Banyak mas, salah satunya di Mas Mugi daerah casablanca

  2. mud4fun says:


    We sometimes forget how lucky we are over here with our cheap and plentiful parts. The foam seals for under the windscreen frame are only a couple of £ each so we’d choose to use them however I’m guessing for you over there such parts would be very expensive?

    We fitted one piece Defender door seals to my wifes 109″ and they work really well at preventing water getting into the cab but again they were quite cheap and easliy available in the UK. Not sure you can get them so cheaply there? They are far better than the original Series door seals and I would recommend them if you ever want to cure leaks around the door :-)

    1. vidinur says:

      Yap you are right… expensive in here and I do not want to replace it with Britpart or Chinese copy as sometime it is false economy.

      Seal under wind screen for example, that would need considerable time to replace, hence the “quick fix” til I have money and time to properly replace the part.. :)

      Thanks for the tips.. will certainly use the one piece when I replace the door seals

      1. mud4fun says:

        Yes, I thought that prices over there would be high. My post on fitting the one piece door seals is here:

        We used Britpart seals and they have been fine, They have been on for two years now and the doors don’t leak much at all – shame the same can’t be said of the truck cab roof…… ;-)

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