A Fish in the fuel tank..?

Remember this set up due to not enough fuel supply..?


It only helps temporary, and the problem is coming back.. loss of power again at all RPM, it clearly the problem is somewhere else… So I want to solve it once for all, first mechanical fuel pump… This where probably the source of the problem is…  I rebuilt mechanical pump with this kit part number AEU 2760 …

ful pump rebuild kit

This will sort this out and no need for additional electronic fuel pump, Done..! me think… but “No Way José..” the problem still exist… it really confusing.. what else should I do..? Now with the fuel pump should be OK after the rebuilt… there are only two possibilities, one is something blocking the fuel line and the other one is something blocking the Carburetor…

I decided to check the fuel line and fuel tank first… I drained the fuel tank and blow the fuel line with compressed air… this will this certainly clear anything that currently blocking the fuel line.

  draining fuel tank

And this is what we found in the tank.. a fish mutant..?.. :), see, no matter how strong your pump is… if this blocking the fuel line… the fuel supply will be much less than the engine needed. I hope it solve the riddle for good..!

Dirt from fuel tank
I think it is sealer

Cheers for now


  1. mud4fun says:

    Wow, I wonder where the remains of that seal came from? No wonder you have been having fuel supply problems!

    1. vidinur says:

      It is still mystery to me where the sealer coming from… the tank will need no sealer, only gasket… So I guess the previous owner use sealer for emergency purpose… it solve the problem now… I take a mental note that I should blow the fuel line with the pressurized air again in case the problem coming back again in the future.. :)

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