Land rover series 1 88 inch engine bay…

Land rover series 1 can be categorized as classic car. This Landy in particular is already 50 + years old, most of them will already give up the ghost… few survived and we give credit to old car that retain the original parts…

Here is the picture of landy and inside the engine bay… only few is not original, thanks to the previous owner who tried to use original part whenever possible

Land rover series 1 88 inch

I think the body  and axle are original, The painting is OK, but could be better, Lamps, grill are original…  now lets look at the engine bay…


This is the pict inside engine bay… pretty much original : The engine is petrol 2.0 liter spread bore, the carburetor is Solex 32 PBI, and radiator is original… not sure about the distributor, but fuel pump definitely non standard… The cables are tidy…

Distributor land rover series 1

A pict from left hand side… anyone can tell what the distributor type and whether it is original fitment.. please write down below..

Distributor land rover series 1

Close up Land rover series 1 distributor.. not sure if this is original… anyone know what type is the distributor..? seems to me is Lucas 45D but not sure

Solex 32 PBI Land rover series 1 88 inch

From the right hand side with air filter off, solex carburettor

Engine 2.0L petrol series 1

Seems the previous owner has done some rebuild.. I can see few relatively few fresh read sealer… in the head cover, and in oil sump cover… presumably changing the bearings and piston ring

Water heated manifold

Water heated manifold

Exhaust manifold land rover series 1

Exhaust manifold exit… just cut the wing and rivet it… thats original cut.. :D

grill land rover series 1

Somehow the front series 1 looks like a skull in pirate logo with bulging eyes… :). additional accessories for the lamp is nice and probably rare… :

Thats all for now, generally I am happy with the originality of the engine… will let you know if it start OK… :)  let me know if you have any questions… Cheers

6 thoughts on “Land rover series 1 88 inch engine bay…

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  2. It looks fantastic Vidinur. My wife and I as SO envious!

    The panels are so straight too. Now that I’ve seen these clearer pictures I’d say it would be worth even more in the UK than I first thought. You are a lucky man!

    • Ha ha.. Thanks Ian… it just that the wallet is now significantly thinner :), as this is not a planned purchase need to scrambling around to finance it… but glad if it is worth it :)

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