Someone hacked my Gmail account


Few days ago, someone hijacked my Gmail account, I am not sure how they did it… Google has very strong security features, so I do not think they have cracked Gmail security. Either they got it from spy ware in my computer or I fall into phishing trap.

How did it happened…

I open Gmail almost everyday, nothing suspicious until the day the account hijacked… at around 11AM, I got SMS notification from a number (4664000)… it said:

Google account ; suspicious login detected. see

I thought this is some kind of phishing, but when I see the adrress and no link, it serems legitimate… Nothing I can do as I did not have internet access at that moment… and then I got another message from same number:

Google account ; Password changed, see

Now, I am getting really worried.. someone broke into my google account… they will know my correspondence on online transaction and they may be able to  trick others by using my account…

Second later, few of my colleagues sending me message… asking why am I sending useless stuff…

How I reclaimed the account

Panicked and worried I go to nearest internet access.. yes its Starbuck, ordered a drink and WiFi access code… its weird because is now fasting month.. :). But this is urgent and I need internet access now…

Log-in to Google account,  true enough I can not logged in…. Good things is Google notify me that the password has been changed an hour ago, and ask whether it is me… I click the link and they provide me with this notification…Image

A bastard from Romania hacked my Gmail account..??? Seems that google prevented the attempt, but he managed to send spam… how can that be… but glad to see no further damage has been done..

I clicked “No”, and they offer me to re-set the password using associated account or SMS notification… Again Glad that I provide my real cellphone number… Although I am not activating my two step verification I am able to recover the account… I am activating it now although a bit annoying (i.e you can not log in if your phone battery is dead) but I think it worth it… and I suggest you to do the same…

I am very sorry for the inconvenience… if you got a spam from me, do not click the link or give user name and password or download anything… if you already did… someone may have your password…

Cheers for now and Take care

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