When Girling does not fit the Girlings…

Dolly’s brake is not the best… I have to pump few times before it works decently, and the brake oil is seeping out from rear brake cylinder. Have tried to bleed the system but it does not help either. The option is to replace the whole set of wheel brake cylinder or the seal only… I opt for the later.. :)

Since the brake cylinder is genuine girling,  we are using “girling” seals… not sure if it is genuine, but the words Girling stamped on the seals… So we installed it without any major incidence… Easy, Done..! or so we think…

One day later,  when I drive it out of town, one of the brake locked (bind). Dolly literally  dragging its tire, I can smell the burning brake pad, but I continue to push it further until we find a garage. When we found one, I told the garage owner what is wrong and he help me to fix it…

Later on we found out that the seal is locked solid… it can’t slide (expand and return) inside the cylinder wheel easily. The problem is, there no shop carrying land rover spare part around here. but the garage owner is very resourceful, he said that the seal looks like Toyota’s

He bring the seals to nearest automotive shop and ask for Toyotas (4 tires Toyota truck not the 6 tires) Indonesian call it “Toyotas engkel”, and it fits splendidly… No bind, easy slides, expand and return all working great… not to mention the price is very cheap too, all seals cost me US$ 2.8 (Rp. 28.000).

I am using it for  about 2 weeks now, and no problems… So if you have problem with your  wheel brake cylinder seals.. Use Toyota’s truck seals, make sure the size is the same.. hope it helps




  1. dian says:

    hatur nuhun infona

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