Personal assignment : As close as possible

My personal assignment; trying to get as close as possible to the object (completely stranger), and this are two results:

Dove race trainer
Dove race is a sport (if we can call it sport) that some of Jakartans enjoy it.. As in any sports, we need to train the dove and pick the best for competition.. I saw this man releasing two birds.. I stop and approach him closest possible and take this shot…
Checking Blackberry
When I had lunch in, all tables are full and I ask permission to join this group.. interestingly this group is chefs from nearby restaurant. they chat and checking and show messages from their Blackberry. I took my camera out and shot this picture.. no permission no apology… and continue chatting with them as if I did not do anything…

Just a tip when we do shot close up to strangers… chat with them either after or before, to show  that you are normal, not just a  weirdo…


  1. mud4fun says:

    Lovely photos, I like the 2nd picture best where all three main subjects are focusing on the same object. The colour and light are also warm and inviting.

    1. vidinur says:

      Thanks Ian… My goal is to be able to take images like William Klein – but still million years light way to go.. :D

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