Can you tell which one is film and which one is digital..?

And which one do you like most, You can click the file for bigger picture…




  1. mud4fun says:

    That is a difficult one, almost too close to call but I think I prefer the composition of the top one even though the bottom picture has better colour in the water and maybe a little bit more clarity of details.

    In the top picture the boat is at an angle across the photo which works well for me and the horizon is slightly lower giving a greater feeling of distance. Had the bottom picture had the exact same composition in addition to its crisper details I’d have gone with that.

    1. vidinur says:

      yes you are right, I think it is bit difficult to tell in the silhouette type situation… in terms of composition, I took the pict using 35mm for the top and 50mm for bottom… and I like the top pict too.. :). Seems you are keen on photography, but I see only land rover on your blog… :)

      1. mud4fun says:

        LOL, I can appreciate good photography but can’t achieve it myself :-)

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