I shoot film.. Roll No 3 result

Berikut ini adalah film roll ke tiga yang sudah selesai di cuci dan di digitalized… semuanya memakai Kodak Ektar 100, Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 C Sonnar ZM

Ketika masuk masjid untuk sholat duhur, saya melihat seseorang sedang membaca alquran di samping pintu yang berornamen...
Ketika masuk masjid untuk sholat duhur, saya melihat seseorang sedang membaca alquran di samping pintu yang berornamen… backlit dari pintu menerangi punggung dan qur’an quite nice… tapi ada dilema, kalau object di taruh di tengah akan banyak ruang hitam di depannya, akhirnya saya lebih mementingkan pintunya.. :)
Ketika sedang jalan2 pakai land rover, sekilas saya melihat di depan ada bapak tertidur pulas di gerbaknya.. sayapun berhenti dan mengambil gambar ini… meteran menggunakan sunny 16… Tulisan sabar yaa (be patient please)… menambah makna dari gambar ini…
Love birds
Karimun Jawa… very romantic place when you are in love, this is staged, actually they are just friends, and I asked them to act like two lovers… turns out quite nice pict… I take the picture using both digital and film… and here is the film version
Same as above, but different angle and different meter setting… I tried to add the tree but not sure if it is better than the above pict
This is a personal assignment, I want to take a picture of a person as close as possible with 50mm lens… When I was in Karimun Java, this old man is one of the first arrive in this little island… and he told me the history of Karimun Java, I took this pict when he talking about the sad part of the story and this is so far is the best in the roll
There is no fast food in karimun java, and here is the local buy their simple breakfast… a rice pudding and coconut juice or syrup, they chat while enjoying their breakfast.. a simple life, simple breakfast
This is how the social life in Karimun jawa, simple bench, kids and endless chat is simple recipe for good social life…
Jakarta Marathon 2013, I was too late to take picture of the marathon starts and too late to take picture of the hardcore runner, but I saw this… the two of the officials are dancing …  if only I took it a bit left and earlier… I will probably get a better picture of dancer and a runner…
I think they are among the last runner, they run in couple, not too hurry, just enjoy running… at this point they have run about 21km


  1. mud4fun says:

    Wow, those pictures have so much feeling and depth to them. It really does make you wonder if digital really is an improvement. As far as I can tell most of the pictures you’ve taken with film have been better than with digital.

    I’m a bit concerned about the poor chap sleeping in the trailer though. It suggest that the poor in your country are really poor unlike those that think they are poor in the UK. Maybe we should send our ‘poor’ to live on the streets there for a year ;-) I think they’ll come back and appreciate life a whole lot more than they do now!!

    1. vidinur says:

      Yap, although the newer technology is more efficient, faster, easier to use… it can’t beat romantic feel of the old technology. something that we as land rover enthusiast can appreciate.. :)

      Well the poor in developed country means they get support from government… here you just have to survive, this chap, he buy and sell plastics and glass he got from household to continue living… he actually help in recycling plastic… :)

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