Land rover series one engine Governor and PTO

Yesterday is bit pleasant surprise for me I got New Old Stock accessories for Land rover series, the one is PTO (Power Take off) as you can see below…


This is a Centre PTO to operate additional tools in Land rover series… as you may aware that the Land rover series is actually a tractor legally driven on road… :). Another one is a rare item and expensive one… engine governor for series 1 as you can see here:


The engine governor and the PTO is needed to run the tool at constant engine level, basically what it does is: when the engine under load, the rpm will going down, and governor will adjust the carburetor to add some more fuel and increasing RPM at the intended RPM and vice versa… thats what they do before computer and CHIP become a common accessories..

The sad part is I do not have all the complete unit.. I still need to find a dog clutch for the PTO, and tlescopic rod for the engine governor.. if you have any idea how to get this two things (cheaply) will be much appreciated…

here is the picture when the centre PTO and governor are installed:

from :




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