New ACR 9:1 compression head for Dolly

It has been a long time since I post update on Dolly, the white Land rover series III long Station wagon… Not that I am giving up on her, on the contrary I planned an expensive upgrade for her … its a new  ACR head 9:1 compression head.

I have been planning this kind of upgrade since quite  along time…  been reading all discussion about this kind of upgrade, I was torn between ACR or Tuner engineering head. Lots of thinking and discussion in the forum, I finally decided to choose ACR, simply because it cost less, not necessary it’s better… for those who wants to understand deeper, should go and read to this page.

Cut the story short, I ordered one and when it arrived I feel like Xmast comes early..:)

Here is the box… around 20kgs
This is the new shiny ACR 9:1 head, it comes with the set of gasket


Inside of the head…
The Old head is off and cleaned…
There is a sign of blown gaskets in the old head
The New head is going in…
Installed and oil added…
Here is the notes on how to properly install and adjustment needed

With this new head + SU HS6 carburetor I notice Dolly now is much pleasant to ride compare to the stock head…. next plan is to replace the manifold with more free flowing pipe… any question on the set up please let me know..



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