Welcome to the Family, land rover series IIA

Just acquired a new land rover series…  year make is 1965 or land rover series IIA as we call it. You may ask why do I need another one… Actually I do not need another one… I have few excuses but I think the most important thing is I fall in love with this particular land rover and this is why….

it just freshly repainted… and it is very good paint… by looking at it you know that it uses an expensive paint… just see the picture below…


The tire is 32 size with 15 inch rim, new…! wheel arch flare / over fender is actually not bad, hand made from aluminum. This car came to Indonesia as completely built up, and that’s quite rare, usually Landrover shipped it to Indonesia as Completely Knock down, and the hard top is made in Indonesia… but not this one

and here is the interior:


Paint job is not good as exterior, there are few missing switches… but air condition is already installed, all handle are functional…


Leather seats..!! when the last time you find land rover series in leather seats.. :) Door trim is copying Defender


Back seats is individual seats… this even rarer in Indonesia, again its covered in leather… very luxurious… :), look at the top trim as well, that’s a custom made from fiber glass and then wrapped in synthetic leather…



The engine has been rebuilt.. lost’s of new parts… if you have keen eyes you know something that’s not belong to series IIA here… fortunately its better… :). and most importantly the price for this car can be considered as very cheap… the previous owner sells at a lost

Other than the above, my  excuse buying this car is: I need short chassis… it is very difficult to maneuver the long chassis in Jakarta… so yea.. why not to have another one.. :). Having said that, I have to sell my other Landy to finance this… :)

Thats it for now…. happy landying..







  1. mud4fun says:

    It looks great :-)

    1. vidinur says:

      Thanks… although appearance is great, riding it is not as nice as the Dolly Parton :D… still need to sort few things up… Hey I really enjoy reading your article on Annie’s engine rebuilt. great write up..!

      1. mud4fun says:

        Thanks Vidinur.
        I look forward to reading about your work on this new truck. Have you named it yet?

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