Few things to Fix – Land rover series IIA

As in my previous post, I just acquired series II A that I haven’t give a name yet. Thinking that the engine was rebuilt by “professional” accessories also installed so I can just enjoy the ride yes..? wrong… after a week using the landy here are things need to be fixed..

  • Despite the power steering installed the steering is quite heavy  and noisy… the belt is loose… Fixed..!
  • Fixed the power steering  but still very noisy… alternator belt is loose..  Fixed
  • The Landy can not stable on low RPM despite new carburetor ( Zenith Copy) – Replaced with other carburetor … Fixed..!
  • The exhaust is suddenly smoking like cigarette junkies… as you can see below

  • The steering is wandering around partly fixed by wheel alignment…
  • The fuel tank is leaking – not fixed
  • NO OIL in Differential and axle..!!   Fixed
  • Loose bolt in front axle – king pen Fixed
  • The rear axle may be faulty… not fixed..
  • God knows what else…

So moral of the story is… when you buy new shiny landy (or everything else) carefully check everything do not take it for granted even if you’re told that it was built by a Pro.

But….. Not that I am complaining because I know rebuilding the series 2A  which is much older than me to the current state is not easy….. here is the video what you expect if you want to totally rebuild series 2 A… compare  to the previous owner for all the work hard and time and money, the above are nothing…


Cheers for now..


  1. mud4fun says:

    Wow, well done on all the work so far.

    What on earth is that screeching sound when you rev her up? Is that the power steering belt?

    1. vidinur says:

      Both power steering and alternator belt.. :) today power steering gone kaput… have to spend one night in garage to fix it..

      1. mud4fun says:

        oh no, bad luck :-(

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